VIDEO: Health passports and next steps for COVID travel solutions

Daon, originally founded in Ireland and now based in Virginia, has been in the business of biometric identity assurance supporting travel and other industries for more than 20 years.

Last year in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the company was one of the first to jump into the creation of digital health passports, with the launch of its Verifly product.

Verifly is now one of several digital health passport solutions that enables real-time verification of COVID-related credentials such as health questionnaires and lab results. Verifly is being trialed by several companies including American Airlines, British Airways, Denver International Airport and Hyatt Hotels.

But in order for travel resume effectively and efficiently around the globe, Daon and other providers know there needs to be collaboration among all stakeholders. We spoke to Daon’s vice president for EMEA and APAC, Clive Bourke, during last month’s PhocusWire Pulse: Safer & Seamless event about this challenge and his company’s work as part of the Good Health Pass Collaborative.

Bourke also shares what the company is learning from the initial uses of Verifly, what parts of the travel experience are causing frustration for travelers and how a comprehensive product can solve some of these issues. He also shares his take on the topics of standards and interoperability, privacy and inclusivity.

Watch the full interview below.

PhocusWire Pulse: Safer & Seamless – Clive Bourke

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