UKH publish sector prospectus ahead of Mayoral elections

UKHospitality (UKH) has published its sector prospectus ahead of the 2021 Metro Mayoral elections, which are taking place today (6 May).

The prospectus outlines the financial and cultural importance of the hospitality and tourism sectors for local economic development.

Among the measures being called for by the trade body are support for a full audit of local regulations that impact the hospitality sector, the promotion of diverse careers within the sector to young people and the enhancement the role of Skills Advisory Panels to give hospitality a stronger voice in regional skills development.

Kate Nicholls, UKH’s chief executive, said: “Hospitality is a major contributor to the economy and is the beating heart of local communities across the country.

“As a cornerstone of UK high streets and town centres, and a major driver of economic growth and job creation, it is vital that Metro Mayors work hand in hand with hospitality and foster partnerships between local authorities and the sector as we look to recover from the pandemic.”

She added: “As challenging as the last year has been, this prospectus carries a number of optimistic and positive messages. With appropriate support, our sector can spark and power an economic and social renaissance.

“Hospitality has proved in the past that, following recessions, it can drive impressive growth in a short period with sensible regulation in place and the right supportive conditions.”

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