No ‘justification’ for Covid passports, says gov committee

There is no “justification” for Covid-19 passports, according to a new report by the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC).

The cross-party group of MPs published its report into the use and impact of Covid-status certification on individuals and businesses.

They found the government has failed to adequately make the scientific case in favour of the passport system and suggested there was little evidence to suggest it would positively impact public confidence in vaccinations.

William Wragg MP, chair of PACAC said: “We recognise the need to formulate an effective lockdown exit, but Covid passports are not the answer. We are entirely unconvinced by the case for their introduction.

“Although it is a tool that is being sold as and built with the intention of being for the universal good, it has the potential to cause great damage socially and economically. As vaccine uptake statistics indicate, any Covid certification system will be a discriminator along the lines of race, religion and age.”

He added: “Finally, the success of the vaccine rollout and their efficacy calls into question the value of a certification regime. It would be established at great cost for rapidly diminishing returns.

“Frankly, the Government needs to scrap any idea of introducing Covid passports. They are unnecessary and there is no justification for them in the science and none in logic.”

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