UK business hotels become staycation ‘hotspots’, AGO finds

The UK hotel platform AGO has seen a shift in booking patterns, with a significant uplift in family and leisure bookings at its hotels in areas close to tourist hotspots, despite these sites previously being used mainly by business travellers.

The hotel group saw a 29.5% increase in occupancy from June to July across these sites, and a further 17% increase from July to August.

Despite a number of international travel routes opening back up, just 4% of Brits said they had travelled abroad this summer due to the uncertainty of international travel. Thousands of Brits have had to change or cancel plans due to the reshuffling of the amber and green lists.

With the average room rate for hotels in the UK at £50 a night, many Brits view a holiday closer to home as a cost-effective and affordable alternative.

Mr. Lionel Benjamin, co-founder of AGO Hotels said: “Business travel is beginning to pick up but at the same time we are seeing enhanced interest from staycationers in hotels which were previously seen as ‘business only’. Location is key – and we have seen real staycation demand close to vibrant city centres or popular outdoor destinations, attracting the attention of domestic travellers looking for a change of scenery.

“There are still challenges facing the domestic hotels industry but the sustained interest in staycations has added a much-needed boost and whilst uncertainties remain around international travel, it is likely the trend we are currently seeing will continue. Hopefully, this shift will encourage people to see holidays in the UK in a different light and more people will be encouraged to consider the benefits of holidays closer to home.”

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