What to expect from hotel tech in 2021

To say that COVID has shown itself to be the biggest disruptor to all industries, especially hospitality, would be an understatement. Pivoting plans and learning how to model day‐to‐day life within the constraints of social distancing requirements, without losing the human connection has proven to be a balancing act. Despite all this, one area that […]

How COVID-19 is impacting hotel benchmarking

Smart hoteliers use benchmarking strategies to understand their properties’ performance compared to historical data and compared to their competition. Generally this is done by comparing figures – whether for occupancy, ADR, RevPAR or another metric – from one period to the same period one year prior. Then came 2020 – a year when travel came […]

Why hoteliers should consider a phased approach to a revenue rebound

As we move through 2021, we are beginning to see distinct phases in the return to “normal” with many hoteliers making preparations for a multi‐staged recovery scenario. We anticipate by the summer of 2021 we will see a bounce back in activity, starting with the domestic leisure market. We also anticipate domestic and some international […]

Progress continues towards decentralized customer data model for hospitality

Momentum is building in travel for a solution enabling customers to hold and managing their own personal data. Travel companies not only struggle to store data and keep it secure but also find it hard to make sense of it given how many sources they are drawing on. There has been an acknowledgement for some […]

Hostelworld sees revenue decline 81%, continues to bet on experiences

Hostelworld says it continues to see opportunity in selling travel experiences as well as providing social features to connect platform users. Reporting financial results for 2020, Gary Morrison, CEO of the budget accommodation-focused online travel agency, says the company has made improvements to the business throughout the past year and “will emerge pandemic stronger than […]

Travel trends in 2021 – prepare for a year of new opportunities

2020 is the year we learned that life is fragile and the freedom to roam the world – even our local communities – can be taken away in the blink of an eye. While determining its annual trends for the coming year, the team at Amadeus drew from the undeniable and powerful human desire to […]

Three big ideas that will change hospitality in 2021

The 1918 pandemic (coupled with the end of the First World War) ushered in the Roaring ’20s when pent-up demand and a sense of possibility pushed the global economy to new heights. If the adage “history repeats itself” holds, then we’ll see a similar spike in global activity after a year of quarantine, isolation and […]

The top 8 travel risks for 2021

In late 2019, even as Riskline analysts around the world were forecasting the potential for an outbreak of infectious disease in the coming year, we could not have predicted the manifold ways in which a novel pandemic would affect our lives, our work and the world more broadly. Even the most thorough assessment of a […]

Unboxing revenue management, from revenue systems to revenue strategy

Every crisis eventually presents an opportunity in itself. It has the potential to bring about innovation and adaptation to changing environments. Organizations that embrace the changing environment are quicker to recover and develop a sustainable strategy around their operations. The effects of COVID has been felt across all business divisions and functions in hotels. Many […]

What is data science and what does it enable hoteliers to do?

Data, data, data. It’s all you’ve been hearing about for the past couple years. And now that we’re amid a travel pandemic forcing hoteliers to look for additional insights on any available demand, data mining has moved from “important” to “critical.” But, as we love to ask these days: What does it all mean? What […]