A Dose of Reality: Vaccinations and returning to travel

Vaccination programs are ramping up worldwide, and more people are starting to travel. A recent ‘temperature check’ among our Linkedin followers showed that around 60% are ready to take off. In the US, corporate travel demand is up to 30-35% of 2019 levels and expected to reach 66% by the end of 2022, according to […]

Q: What is E-Marketing? | By Ana McFee

There are over 27 million hotels in the world, which means that organizations interested in capturing the attention of customers will have to find a way to differentiate themselves from others in the industry, particularly those around their precise location. Not only does this require an intimate understanding of the target audience and what appeals […]

The brave new world of booking direct

Over much of the last decade, OTAs (online travel agencies) have become the most common way that people book hotels. These companies streamlined the booking process and added convenient features (such as easy price comparison) at a time when most hotels lacked an effective digital presence. As the OTAs’ share of bookings grew, they were […]

GOPPAR characteristics

From time immemorial, revenue per available room, or RevPAR, has been the go-to key performance indicator in the hotel industry. A simple calculation of average daily rate and occupancy rate, it is often thought of as the barometer of health for a hotel by those who work in the industry and those who make a living analyzing […]

What Is SOP – Standard Operating Procedure? | By Franck Louveau

    When you have an idea to start a business, you create a business plan to describe the goals of your company and how you plan to reach them. From your marketing plan and financial information to employees, equipment needed, and planned methods of operations – a solid business plan is a clear roadmap […]

5 tips for renovating an old hotel

Let’s face the facts about old hotel renovation! Renovating an old hotel requires a significant budget for one to make the necessary changes. To establish a flourishing hotel business, you should be in a better position to change with the changing tides in the industry. This article discusses some of the best old hotel renovation […]

The Recipe For Hotel Food And Beverage Profitability | By Guy Maisnik

Getting the alchemy just right for food and beverage service in a hotel is challenging, but necessary if the hotel is to be successful. If it were easy, customers would flock to hotels just for their food service. With few exceptions, that is not the case – not even close. Traditionally, hotel food and beverage […]

5 tips for boutique hotel owners

Independent hotels are flourishing throughout the hospitality sector. However, boutique hotels have tight budgets and a limited marketing department, making business success a question of determination, grit, and business savvy. With that said, there are many things that boutique hotel owners can consider to develop outstanding business success and appear at the top in the […]

Hotel Fraud Training: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly | By Kevin Doyle

In the mid-sixties the movie ®The Good, the Bad and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood was released. The movie is about a bounty hunting expedition to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery. The movie had some success; however, its title plays on an artful way to describe a set of circumstances. […]