The Importance of Clean Guest Data | By Elena Ivanova

Data is like gold for hotel marketers — but only if it’s good data. Learn all about how bad data can make your marketing fall flat, and discover our step-by-step process for cleaning up your database. Even with the best intentions and training in place, it’s very easy for hotels to experience data inaccuracies. These […]

How to adopt express check in at your hotel | By Raj Singh

Express check in (also known as mobile check in or contactless check in) enables guests to check themselves into rooms, without having to visit the front desk. Guests often access this through their mobile phones. Traditional check ins usually result in multiple contact points with the hotel staff throughout the check in and check out […]

Guest Acquisition Cost: Everything Hoteliers Should Know

As a hotelier, a great deal of your focus is on pricing. Getting the right price is critical to establish consumer trust. Room rates also change based on availability and seasonality. However, you also need to look at the other side of the coin – guest cost acquisition. If you’re not thinking in terms of […]

A travel boom is looming. But is the industry ready?

As the pandemic recedes, a new era of travel seems to be around the corner. A large population all over the world has been vaccinated and caseloads have seen a reduction – factors all too well pointing towards a possible surge in travel. Having been bound within their homes for months now, travelers are looking […]

Third-party management: What hotel owners should consider

Most people in the travel business, and many outside it, are familiar with three primary models of hotel operations – owned, managed, and franchised.  In Asia, the first two models have ruled the roost for several decades.  Most established brands in this part of the world either own the hotels that they operate or have […]

A Dose of Reality: Vaccinations and returning to travel

Vaccination programs are ramping up worldwide, and more people are starting to travel. A recent ‘temperature check’ among our Linkedin followers showed that around 60% are ready to take off. In the US, corporate travel demand is up to 30-35% of 2019 levels and expected to reach 66% by the end of 2022, according to […]

Q: What is E-Marketing? | By Ana McFee

There are over 27 million hotels in the world, which means that organizations interested in capturing the attention of customers will have to find a way to differentiate themselves from others in the industry, particularly those around their precise location. Not only does this require an intimate understanding of the target audience and what appeals […]

The brave new world of booking direct

Over much of the last decade, OTAs (online travel agencies) have become the most common way that people book hotels. These companies streamlined the booking process and added convenient features (such as easy price comparison) at a time when most hotels lacked an effective digital presence. As the OTAs’ share of bookings grew, they were […]

GOPPAR characteristics

From time immemorial, revenue per available room, or RevPAR, has been the go-to key performance indicator in the hotel industry. A simple calculation of average daily rate and occupancy rate, it is often thought of as the barometer of health for a hotel by those who work in the industry and those who make a living analyzing […]