Five Ways To Improve Service In Your Hotel | By Adam Knight

With everything that the past year has brought, it’s completely expected (and normal) that a handful of basics have fallen off but as occupancy starts to pick up and basics aren’t brought back in line quickly, your hotel could start to see more negative reviews than normal; and since overall reviews are down, it could […]

Five Essentials For Present Day Hotel Operations | By Antoine Berberi

It has been one year since the historical COVID-19 pandemic made its debut, affecting the entire population and economies around the world. It is evident that out of all the industries negatively affected by this economic tsunami, the hospitality industry has been, and will most likely remain, the most impacted and the slowest to recover. […]

Don’t fall into the “build it and they will come” trap: case study

The challenge: Total hotel revenue underperformance despite significant renovations First time hotel owners purchased a small independent boutique property that had been significantly underperforming the market in guestroom and restaurant revenues for many years. The property had a prime location within a destination resort market and the new owners made significant investments renovating and repositioning […]

CRM – a challenging subject

Hardly any other industry collects as much data about its customers as the hotel industry. Along the customer journey, each guest leaves hundreds, if not thousands, of digital traces. Modern hoteliers need to be able to profitably leverage the opportunities this creates. However, it requires a sustainable digitalization and CRM strategy. But what can this […]

Remote work trends: what hotel workspaces can offer over co-working offices

There was a time when working where and when you wanted was primarily limited to freelancers and digital nomads. But that was before the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for new remote working trends. Since, the days of daily commutes to large open-plan offices with coffee corner chats and in-person team meetings have, for a […]

4 Must-Haves for a Hotel Tech Stack | By Martin Reichenbach

During the COVID-19 crisis, technology has undoubtedly enabled us to stay safe, connected, stimulated, and productive in a way that would have been unimaginable, even 20 years ago. Inevitably, businesses will also need to transform their practices radically in order to adapt to the new world order, enable their employees to be even more productive […]

Resilience post-pandemic – how hotels can build a platform for long-term success

The past year has been fraught with hardship for those operating in the hotel sector. The end of one lockdown was closely followed by the start of another, while endless restrictions have significantly hindered the guest experience. The pandemic will leave behind a burdensome bill for the industry to settle. Last year cost the five […]

Jabbing towards a restart

Businesses and authorities are executing a range of measures to help get hospitality and travel working again.  Meanwhile, vaccinations are proceeding at a variety of speeds globally. Even in nations with a fast pace of vaccination, there remain concerns about alternative strains of the virus, which could potentially evade vaccines already being deployed.   Israel leads […]

Why Now Is The Best Time To Finance | By Dr. Donald Wise

Winter is officially over, and although the capital markets for hotel and resort refinance, acquisition and new-build construction lending have been frozen, they have been stealthily thawing out since the first of the year. Since the start of the pandemic, short-term bridge and renovation loans for the hospitality sector have been mostly non-existent and full […]