Development Advisory

Our development advisory services are aimed primarily at hotel developers, investors and funders. They include:

  • Market Studies. Location-specific and researched-based, our market studies focus on understanding the supply and demand equation in any given area and how that translates into trading performance.
  • Concept Evaluation. Typically best done within the context of a given market, because some concepts might work well in some markets and not in others, we can provide independent concept evaluation and validation, identifying which aspects of a proposed development project are well-suited to the proposed market and which are not.  This includes factors such as number, size and mix of rooms, range of ancillary facilities, market positioning, pricing and branding.
  • Financial Feasibility Studies. Our feasibility studies look at the likely financial performance of a project taking into account both the market and the specific concept, identifying potential revenue and likely operating and other costs to arrive at an estimate of profit.

Hotel Asset Management

Our specialist hotel asset management services are designed to help owners ensure they get the maximum return from their investments in hotels, whatever their level of relevant industry expertise.  We can provide a full cradle-to-grave service or else focus just on those areas where you require the most assistance;  

  • Investment strategy.  Want to invest in hotels as an asset class but have no knowledge of the sector?  We can help you devise the optimum strategy according to your investment criteria.
  • Opportunity search.  If you have a clearly defined strategy but are struggling to find the right investments, we can help source these for you, leveraging our knowledge of the market and industry contacts to find on and off-market opportunities. 
  • Project evaluation.  Depending on your needs and budget, we offer a range of different project evaluation solutions from high-level market reviews to detailed full financial feasibility studies.
  • Acquisition support.  Whatever your existing in-house or outsourced expertise we can, working as required with our own carefully selected specialist partners, provide and coordinate a range of acquisition support services including commercial, legal and financial due diligence, valuation services and sourcing of funds. 
  • One-off independent business review.  We can provide one-off diagnostic reviews of hotel operations to identify key areas of concern and opportunities for operational or financial performance improvement.  
  • On-going operational asset management.  Taking our independent business review as a starting point, our on-going operational asset management service draws on both our operational and advisory experience to actively deliver the improvements which have been identified.  Acting as owner’s representative, we work collaboratively with your existing management team to drive value enhancement. 
  • Exit.  Some investors will have a clear investment horizon, whilst others will want to seize opportunity when it comes.  Either way, we can provide the necessary support to help you exit your investment when the time is right. 

Financial and Other Data Modelling

Hotels are complex businesses combining multiple income streams and cost bases, and generating and gathering huge volumes of business information both multiple internal systems and from external sources. This wealth of information provides huge opportunity for data mining to increase revenues, streamline operations and improve profit conversion, yet most hotels fail to capitalise on it. With over 25 years’ experience reviewing and analysing hotel financial and other data, Clanalytix offers a range of financial and other data modelling services.

  • Financial Modelling.  The ability to build complex, robust and user friendly financial models is fundamental to both our development advisory work and our asset management services, be it in the context of analysing historic data, reviewing operator budgets or preparing our own independent trading or financial estimates.   
  • Dashboards.  We build interactive business information dashboards to help our clients better understand how their hotels are running and identify opportunities to improve revenue generation and profit conversion.
  • Excel training for hotel management.  Despite its position as the world’s most ubiquitous financial analysis tool, many Excel users have only the most basic knowledge of how to use it – even is it is listed as a competency on their CV.  Whilst most users are able to input data and write a few basic formulae, few venture beyond this basic functionality.   
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